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Is Kanye trying to tell us something? Walking around in a skirt and telling us how nobody does it like his clit? :/ Kanye wasn't any worse than the likes of parody acts like Bon Jovi I'm sure. Idk why you guys kept watching if you were hating it so much. I saw about 5 minutes of the crooks known as the Rolling Stones and decided I'd rather watch High School basketball. :yawn:
Not a terrible list, though I think there were at least a couple that were obligatory Complex picks. It's also clear they're readers are a specific market and they cater to that specific aesthetic but I guess that's sort of the point.Slightly related: Where can I get some crazy print button downs like Frank O's wearing? I've had the urge to try some lately. Not necessarily that print but I think you guys know the style I'm talking about
This question is slightly confusing...Wear them when you aren't at work. They fade naturally, you don't need to be wrangling cattle and climbing mountains.
Great game going on in Boston right now
I'm looking for a nice pair of dark brown/chocolate colored pants to wear casually. Any recommendations?
Chrome to ya dome til you get GLOCKjaw.
Received my HY flannel trousers about two days after ordering. Fast delivery and a great quality item are my first impressions. I haven't been able to wear them other than trying them on yet but after a quick trip to the tailor I think they'll become staples in my wardrobe. Keep up the good work, Jamison. I hope to own many more HY products in the future.
The sleeves look to be a bit long on the sweater. I'm not really a fan of the untucked button up under a sweater but others will disagree.
Aphex Twin, LCD Soundsystem, Talking Heads. I've over-saturated myself with guitar-based music. I'm taking a break for awhile. R.I.P. Shankar & Brubeck
New Posts  All Forums: