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Is this offer open to the public?
Not digging the tuck and I do think gats would look great there.
I just ordered a pair of MacNeils for a good price. I got a size 8, does anyone know where to find the insole length and width for their shoes? I tried their website but it doesnt work very well on mobile.
Just scored the exact pair of Allen Edmonds I was looking for $50! Hopefully they fit.
Looks great, Spoo. Love those shoes.
And whoever uploaded it originally paid for it in the first I said, I don't disagree, but let's not act like this is a black and white moral issue.
I agree somewhat but how is borrowing the DVDs from the library any different? They aren't seeing any money from that either..
No need to apologize. Just get some raw denim and wear it, you'll get dem fadez. It's pretty simple
I really hope Kanye sets a trend with that Givenchy skirt.. I can't wait to see people in Philly walking around in skirts
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