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Edit: double post
Anybody know if JAB shoe trees will fit AE MacNeils?
I think that video was posted in here before. That's the video I used to convince my friends I wasn't crazy for liking the name change.
And they are in Georgia, just outside Atlanta. Well, I guess it's hard to say how far they've traveled but the first few episodes were in Atlanta at least. If a lot of people independantly notice something like this it's at least worth discussing, I think.
I'm not complaining, I'm just saying- I'm not overly sensitive about things like this and it stood out to me.
I mean the exact style, color, etc... I've never had a pair before so I'm not positive of their sizing.
No way over represented, Atlanta is more than 50% black. It is incredibly obvious that they've killed off black characters the same episode they want to introduce new black characters. It's like some fucked up quota they have to maintain. "Michonne is black" is a weak arguement. First of all her character is terrible in the show and I'd hardly call her a focal point. Second off, what has every other major character been? White.
Ebay $50. If I snatched them from anyone here.. sorry!
I know, I was just kidding. Great thing of you to offer that. There's the holiday spirit
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