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Thanks. It takes a minute to load the bottom and I guess I just wasn't patient the other times I looked there.Not very often, as I've bitched about 6 times in the last two pages.
Where do I find the print shirts other than plaid? I see people talking about polka dots and floral patterns but I don't see them under casual shirts.. in-store only?
Ok, thanks a lot Michael. I just wanted to make sure.
One big downside for me is not being able to order from mobile. As in, it's not possible. That's not a huge deal, though, and it's understandable considering the website is relatively new. There are a couple things that file under "minor annoyances" but my one big issue was today: I'm on my phone, by some miracle found a pair of slim-straight indigo in 28. I put them in my bag and go to check out. I realize I can't enter my state since the scroll-down windows (idk wtf...
Just by their website, actually. If it wasn't for their phone service I don't think I'd ever be able to get anything from there.I'm actually really happy I wound up finding a pair in my size, I'm just pissed it took me all day to order it. As long as I don't get an email saying they sold out of my item I'll be fine.I do wish they would restock the website though, but I'll stop complaining now.All hail Uniqlo
Well, I finally got the jeans after trying all day. I ultimately had to call and place the order over the phone which was a pain in the ass Yes, vastrm their website it terrible and they don't restock often at all. I've been looking for the Oxford shirts for awhile and they still haven't restocked.
FUCKKK&!&@%!%!* I hate their website. Just screwed me out of a pair of jeans. I'm so pissed right now
Im looking for a picture of the shirt I was talking about but can't seem to find it. Now that I'm looking though I could actually see somebody wearing some of these crazy prints in S/S '13. The one I'm talking about was terrible though- Black with the bottom quarter neon green fake leather and like a bright orange shoulder patch :shudder:
lol I was watching Full House tonight too (my little sister likes it) and noticed the same thing about Jesse. Even better is looking at how dated Joey looks in comparison.
Because someone on here said the JAB shoe trees stretched out a pair of their shoes and I didn't want to have a new pair of shoes ruined.
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