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So go TTS? I was going to size down on their button ups because the size charts seem to put them on the larger side..
Yeah, that band fucking sucks. I haven't heard the A$AP album but he does have a good ear for beats so I doubt it could be that bad. Not surprised to hear that the best songs have been released already and the rest of it is so-so.What's up with rappers letting other people outdo them on their own tracks? Is that a lost rule in hip-hop? It happens all the time now. Jay-Z has been consistantly outperformed on his own tracks for years now.P.S. wasn't he supposed to retire...
Fuckin Sixers...
I think those are boots.
Nice, I like this. The pants especially. It's simple, it's clean and it works well.Also, I think you have close to the perfect complexion for a crisp white shirt like that. Stark white doesn't work as well for me and my pastey skin
Am I the only one who thinks duck boots are hideous?
In better news: the boots I ordered blindly fit perfectly
I hope he's trolling. That's some scummy shit
Is the Gitman Bros. stuff on ebay real? They all seem to be right around $100. How do they sell them so much cheaper than Gitman Bros. themselves?
The one on their website. Click the help tab and it should come up
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