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Very nice guitar. I had a '54 MIJ from the 80's myself - the necks are beautiful to play on these. Have the pickups gotten better in recent years? The old ones weren't all that great. You actually can find these in the US, though they are rarer. I see them on CL from time to time. I've actually got a CIJ RI Jaguar that's my favorite guitar I own (though, I don't own that many anymore) Good luck with the sale, these are great instruments. Am I crazy for wanting to instakop? I was thinking about getting a generic tiger camo T to layer before I found this. I really shouldn't be spending $240 on a shirt right now but this one is tempting me. I've been looking for a semi loud printed shirt for a bit now.. I was going to grab the Raf midnight blue floral print shirt but can't find my size. Talk me out of it.. or into it.
Thanks guys, I think I'm going to just order a few different ones in different sizes. Keep what fits and return the rest. I think XS is going to be more what I'm looking for.
I'm not really short, I'm just really skinny (5'9 34" chest 28" waist) think I should go for a S or XS? I don't trust their measurements
Does anyone have their floral print or polka dot button ups? How do you like them? They seem a little long like a dress shirt.. are they too long to wear untucked?
Anyone know of some good blogs that focus on London fashion and street style? I'm going to be living there for a few months and don't want to stick out like a tourist.
I just laughed my ass off for 3 straight minutes. who made that?
Got my jeans today. Basically next day shipping to Philly. Best jeans you can get for $50 no doubt
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