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I thought it was apparent that I was joking.It stands to reason that it could last longer but I doubt there's been any scientific analysis done on the subject. Unless you can channel the tangent reality where you don't wear them every day and let them rest, I'd just do whatever makes sense to you.
yes, if you wear them half as much they'll last twice as long.
Richard Pryor
Save the horns for something else. Black metal seems like a good alternative.
When do all these sales end? I really should be koppin up but it's kind of bad timing.. Does Uniqlo currently offer these? I looked through their casual pants and the closest thing I saw was the vintage chinos and they didn't look the same.
Oh no, that hideous tiger print shirt is $ many patterns.... must........ resist..............
Great, great beer. I honestly don't even know what my name is a reference to but I have to believe that's at least a part of it.
Sixers, baby. Sixers
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