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Ok, Thanks. I checked ebay but they only have the black ones.
You asked for specific I meant to post this in the noob thread too. sorry Also, when you say "odd jacket" do you mean like a blazer/sportcoat type thing?
I also don't really know what kind of pants to go for. I like the look of a thick grey wool pant (there's a specific picture I've seen on here that I can't find right now) but don't know if it's very versatile or if I have the necessary pieces to go with them. Maybe a chino of some kind, too? I'm building from scratch basically so any suggestions are appreciated.
I know, it was really vague. Sorry, it was really late and I typed out a long message and it didn't post for some reason. So I was frustrated and just went with the short answer. What I meant to say was I'm currently building/rebuilding my wardrobe and don't necessarily have a solid stylistic identity yet. I'm looking for a couple pairs of shoes, one I can wear with jeans (maybe wingtips of some kind, possibly nice boots) and a more formal shoe. I think it's a smart idea...
I think I've actually seen both of those. At least the PTO one for sure. I guess I meant like specific pieces but I'll review the list and do the search myself.
Just got a bit of money and I'm in the process of building/rebuilding my wardrobe. can anyone recommend some versatile pieces to build around?
I didn't say he cared... I'm just saying there's been a lot of talk since Kobe dropped #30k about greatest Lakers, greatest players, etc. and I don't see how Kareem hasn't been talked about more. I'm young and didn't get to see him play so maybe I'm missing something but looking at his stats they're pretty amazing. I realize he was on some pretty great teams and played for a long time but he dominated the game at every level, revolutionized it even.
In light of Kobe's milestone I'll open up a can of worms- Look up the stats and convince me why Kareem isn't the greatest Laker (and possibly the greater PLAYER) of all time. The fact that he's being added as a footnote to this conversation is blowing my mind.
This shirt?
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