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Wow the UK site is miles better than the US one..
thanks! Does that mean you're contending for most annoying old poster, jet? Lighten up, guys. It's just the internet.
Yeah, that looks really weird. OT but - Where are those pants from, acecow? I'm looking for a pair that color but the best ones I can find are the RRL chinos - I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.
They do. I need a pair really badly.Google image 'Rrl officer chino' - I think there's a picture of SVB on every page.
You might want to see a doctor...
.Vintage Florsheim is as good as you'll find made today south of $1000. Great bargain if you can find some NOS.Modern Florsheim... stay far away.
Good to hear. They'll basically just be used for city walking 90% of the time. I hear the soles aren't good in the rain though.. I'll be spending a majority of the time in London so this could prove a fatal flaw.
Most people would probably agree with you but for some reason I can't pull off the Wallabee steez. Of the two, the dbs are much more my style. I'd imagine they use the same soles and suede though.. what are your opinions on them? They need to be comfortable and hold up for at least the couple months I'm overseas.
Clark's desert boots I need something comfortable for walking around this summer. I don't think they're that bad looking and they're relatively cheap. Thoughts?
You sound like you're already convinced. They're reasonably comfortable and well-made so if you like the style just buy it from somewhere with a return policy.For what it's worth, mine (MacNeils) ran true to size. I think AE has a size chart on their website, you might want to check that out.
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