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I'm looking for something similar (possibly more on the slimmer side). I was looking at Epaulet but they look like they're pleated - I'm not looking for pleated. I also don't think they'll be slim enough for my build. Any suggestions other than Epaulet?I like this pair of Raf trousers from this season but they're sold out in my size and a little more than I was looking to spend.
How bout dem Lakers
I'm glad I can't see thumbs.
Last two posts before jet are confusing me. Judging by the measurements the sleeves would be long and so would the length. if you're 5'6 and it works untucked I night have to go up to an S. I'm also confused by the better fit = more spacious. If I didn't have to use a UK proxy and could just order both and return what didn't fit this wouldn't be a problem. Frustrating because I know they'll restock after I pay double for them.
Could someone post a fit pic of an oxford shirt? I'm trying to see how long they are if I want to wear them untucked. I'm hoping they aren't like dress shirt long.
I think it looks fine. Maybe a hair big in the shoulders but I think that could just be your posture in that pic. I say keep it.
Yeah, unfortunately they probably won't be able to keep this team together in Memphis past next season due to the cap regulations.I sent them an offer, Kwame Brown and Royal Ivey for Rudy Gay. They haven't gotten back to me.
Seriously. It's honestly probably not even worth it to wait for them to restock. I think the UK site had them. Someone was offering a free UK site proxy back a few pages, that might be your best bet. Either that or shell out for some more expensive ones like BB. I've been waiting too and am about to just say fuck it and get a BB or two when I was going to get a bunch from Uniqlo. I'm sure they'll last longer and feel nicer anyway.. maybe not though.
At which store? Try calling the NYC store to see if they'll ship to you or get someone to proxy.
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