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Yeah early this morning it was still at 700 bucks as well. 
happened to be up at 3am this morning when this sale launched. Were 16 pages of stuff at 96 per page. Some nice deals. Inventory got smashed though. Hoping I dont get the dreaded inventory email from them. 
You guys should check this out, some very nice deals on Cabourn including a yellow cameraman for 150   http://archive.unionmadegoods.com/brands/nigel-cabourn/
Haha I'm 6'5"...im just hoping it works out for me!
Xxl already sold out in my first two choices...y'all don't play
Need Port Flannel in my life. 
Saw some of the Portuguese Flannel shirts in a local shop today, but they were sold out. Really nice shirts though. Any idea when they will be dropping?
Alrighty I might give them a call then. Ive only sold maybe 7 things or so but no complaints or anything so far and a few decently expensive things. I'll let the auctions I have up play out here in the next couple days perhaps. Thanks for taking the time to chime in, pretty new with all of this. 
So over the last month or two I've started selling off a bunch of random stuff that I have accumulated. Today I went to sell something and it told me that I had hit my limit for a category (mens clothing surprise surprise). Anyway, I was wondering if its even worth the call to ebay to try to get the limit raised, or just wait and ride it out until next month. Thanks for any insight. 
Howd you score one of the collabs for less than retail at this point?
New Posts  All Forums: