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ah ok, just figured I would toss out the idea. 
I had much better luck messaging them here on SF or posting in the affiliate thread as far as hearing back, maybe give that a shot. 
hmm Ive gotten shipping notifications for each of the two orders I placed that morning. Not sure if that means anything in regards to your order though. Has anyone gotten cancellations yet?
haha you must have missed the madness. 
Looking to purchase the aforementioned items from outlier. Thanks. 
Still full blown summer down here in the south, lots of great things on sale.      1) Navy linen pants from Camoshita, look to be exactly as described and perfect for summer.        2) Seersucker is another staple down here during the summer and I think this is a wonderful take on it.      3) Alfred Sargent with some great loafers that I haven't seen discussed enough, especially at this price.      4) Some nice looking summer shades from...
Hmm you know we probably walked over there from breakfast around 9:25 or so and there was a maybe 25-30 people all just sitting around outside that whole area. They got people to start lining up around 9:45ish and we moseyed on over there with everyone else and ended up around 10th or so. It was pretty laid back in the beginning. By 10 there was a decent line and when we were leaving around 10:30 the line was wrapped around the corner and down back towards the bridge that...
I went this morning as well. was one of the first 10 or so people through the door. Some nice selections pretty much in line with what bourbon said. There were a few suits running up to $750. They had a limited selection of suits/sportcoats there were I guess MTM stuff that didnt work out or other odd things that were really attractively priced. I picked up a couple pairs of Incotex pants for $50 and a pair of sids house pants for $100. Really limited selection on shoes...
Theres a chance I could be interested.
20% off code available for Yoox, a few decent Cabourn items available. 
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