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Anyone know any places that sell C&J and use the Euro? Would be nice to take advantage of the dollars parity.
Yeah I would like some measurements/guestimates on this as well if possible. 
right there with you
Aww man I didn't get a notification on that either. Congrats though sweet jacket
Do we have any measurements or sizing comparisons for these coats? Thanks.
Hmm 30 pounds shipping is harsh. 
Hardly seems fair to hold all of C&J responsible for a debacle with boots that do not even carry their branding. Sorry it did not work out for you though. 
If you are trying to get in to find sales, you won't find anything there that's not listed here just FYI. I know at one point they were pretty back logged on getting people in but that was awhile ago.
More Portuguese Flannel and things along those lines, especially if they can somehow be priced that attractively...great find this year. I also picked up the Rider coat from Monitaly, like it a lot, and would enjoy seeing more things from them. I think they thing I enjoy most about the site is being introduced to new (to me) things that I probably wouldn't seek out myself if you guys weren't putting it together so keep up the good work on that especially on the more casual...
New Posts  All Forums: