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Price Drops, lets get some offers going. 
anyone know what the inseam is like on those isaora shorts?
Selling off some of my lesser worn boots. Aldens include original box as well as shoe bags. Prices include domestic shipping. Inquire for international.    1) Alden x J. Crew Cap Toe Cordovan Boot 13D.$525 http://imgur.com/a/ufthe   2) Alden x J. Crew Indy 405 13D. $275 http://imgur.com/a/2PzL8   3) Alden Indy 403 12C. $250 http://imgur.com/a/xIyM4   4) RRL Boondocker 13D. $185 http://imgur.com/a/wCfJD   5) Wolverine 1k Courtlands 13D. Includes original box. $185...
Yeah I could not get it to work either, although it seems that it should
haha I am somewhere between 6'5" and 6'6", regular sized torso though 
Looks like an announcement on the front page, guess they were changing servers. Nice to know its taken care of.
Finally got the forum to work, Had been getting the redirect DNS error since yesterday at some point. 
ah ok, just figured I would toss out the idea. 
I had much better luck messaging them here on SF or posting in the affiliate thread as far as hearing back, maybe give that a shot. 
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