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Hi,   I have an old light grey jeans, I was thinking to dye it in black. Anybody have any advice for a good product ?   thanks!  
Actually, I made a tread but I'll ask it here also.   If anybody bough "Gap x GQ BLK DNM Slim Fit Jeans" and could take a pic of the front and back, that would be awesome. The one I got are so different from the web site.   thanks!
  Okay, I see ! It's just weird, they really look diff. then the pic on the web site ... I wish I could find somebody on the forum who bough them so I can compare !   thanks for the answer!
Anybody bough those jeans in black ? I'm confused, they really don't look like the one on the picture on the web site and are really stretchy,,.   If someone bough them, could you please post a pic of the back and front ? just curious to see if I receive what I bough.   thanks!
Hi,   I'm french, so sorry for my english.   I bough the new Gap x GQ BLK DNM Slim Fit Jeans, anyway, I receive them today, and it's the first time I buy slim fit jeans ... I lost alot of weight, so I tough, why not !   So, my question is, is that normal that the material is stretchy? I actually don't mind it, just curious if it's like that for all slim fit.   thanks!
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