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I agree with the above. It looks nice, but the hat seems quite out of place. 
I'm not very good with fits, but I like the look of it. Looks like a nice summer jacket. I would either unbutton the top shirt button or put on a tie however ;) 
  Something like this. I bought a jacket on impulse and didn't wear it for a long while. When I was going to wear it I noticed a small hole in the back and by then so much time had passed that I couldn't possibly get a refund.   So, if things like that count it's almost a year now. I'll never wear it, unless I can make it a part of an outfit for a masquerade or something ;) 
I'm also having this issue. Thanks everyone for the tips :)
I frequently come into contact with a mens choir where they all wear black tie. However, last time I saw them only one out of eight was wearing it in a at least half decent way. The others had wing collars with the wings pointing in all sorts of direction, terrible black loafers, pre tied bow ties, the wrong sizes and whatnot. They all wear black tie frequently, probably at least once or twice a month. It saddens me so that they can't do it right. Their singing is great,...
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