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I got it too!  It's such a great deal.  Tbh, the size and shape is more suitable for guys.
Anymore in sz 30 or 32 left?  
Are they really that bad?  I thought they're more like the suit pants, which I really like.
Did anyone try the fusion trousers?  The Powell store in San Francisco didn't seem to have any.  Would really like to get a pair in sz 30 or 32.
Can someone in the US proxy me the dark navy blazer in sz 36?  I have the pants and vest already.  Thanks.
Picked up the last 2 pairs of the white painted boots (sz 42 and 43) when they were half off, but decided to keep the black boots and white loafers instead.  PM me if anyone is interested in the white boots.
Anybody find the 50% off on the whole collection yet at different locations?  Or the additional 50% off on the boots?  
Just came back from H&M.  All the shoes besides the sneakers were half off in the SF flagship store.  They ran out of sz 42 in both the black boots and white painted boots by the time I got in (~1:30am).  The other item that is on sale from the men's section is the shearling coat.  For women's, the upside down leather bag, oversized blazer, gold lining dress, and suede leather jacket were all half off. 
I agree with you.  They look pretty sexy with black pants.  I'll definitely get it when it goes on sale.
They're pretty comfortable.  I am a sz 8.5/9 and can fit into a sz 8/41.  The biggest size is 12/45.
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