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@havingaraveup - I've had 'em about 9 months - worn a bit - maybe once every couple of weeks, but they've been faithful companions at 4 or 5 music festivals and quite a number of concerts over that time.
Sorry I've been away for a bit - didn't get a chance to take some pics until recently. Here they are:Rum Yearling Comfort Turnouts in 8.5F. This is before I cleaned them up and gave them some loving - will take some pictures when I get some sunshine again. 
I have RW Iron Rangers and they are some seriously tough boots that would stand a lot of punishment. The leather is super thick and feels indestructible.   I also have some RMs (Turnout in Rum yearling leather) that are a different beast altogether - leather is soft and supple and they feel superb on the foot. I've been wearing them pretty hard - festivals etc - and they're going great guns so far. I don't think the RMs will let you down if they're well cared for.
G'day mate,    Welcome.   My size 8.5F turnout boots have an ankle opening that measures 9cm from front to back and 6.5cm from side to side. I've had 'em about a month now so they're relatively new still. It's a nice, supportive ankle - takes a little bit of effort to get them off after a day's wear.
I recall that a couple of people had RMs relasted in a different width (i.e. they changed a G width to an F width) but not sure about the length.   Might as well ask!
 I can live with that... would it have a noticeably feminine shape to the jacket?
Strange question, but have any fellas out there tried getting a Beadnell instead of a Bedale in order to get a slightly slimmer fit?   Or does the Beadnell have too much shaping to look masculine?   I tried on a couple of Barbours when I was in Europe recently and they just looked like a big green box on me...
Yep, I'm an Aussie (wa) and only just getting an introduction to rm to be honest. My first pair should arrive today or tomorrow with a bit of luck. I've read through this entire thread in the month that I've been waitin for them haha.
Tops- thanks mate... You never know, I might be interested a bit further on down the track. I'm sure there'll be some on here that will be keen to take advantage of your offer though. Hope it works out that you can make a little bit of coin out of it!
Solirossi, would these be seconds or first quality? Also, are you able to get customs made up for that price or is it just stuff they have already made up? I'm going to be in Adelaide in October so will probably head out to the factory seconds shop and try my luck.
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