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 Thanks! I was pretty fortunate to have someone experienced along to help with picking attempts and deal with handing in cards and stuff, and we had a good plan going in so everything went smoothly. Good luck, im sure you'll do great!  Thanks! I have been working hard on my pre-lift routine for a while, trying not to take too many steps and being more consistent with where they go. It is improving believe it or not, but slowly. Ive been watching Mike T videos, every rep...
Did my first meet on the weekend. Went 9/9 and PRed in all three lifts (sorry about the potato-cam).       Great fun all around, I heartily recommend giving it a go if you're on the fence.
i liked leangains, lost weight made squat gains. i don't think it is magic, but a good way to keep compliant.
thanks, and i too would be unable to get close to that after an injury layoff. pretty incredible how quickly conditioning drops off a cliff! twenty reppers are good for mental conditioning too
 I managed 275x20 on film, I did 285x20 a fortnight later but with no vid. 
I can recommend both the inzer forever belt, and my wife has a best belts 3" which is also a great belt.
Its not an attack, i genuinely enjoy talking lifting technique and learning about different approaches to the lifts.
Doesn't this position just put more of the effort onto your quads and less onto the bigger hamstrings and glutes? The first tendency is going to be for your hips to rise in order to load the posterior chain, which you are going to have to fight with your quads. You're reducing hip extension by increasing knee extension,and hip extension strength is generally much stronger (and has a larger capacity for strength).
 Yeah, they are highly recommended, though heavy to read. But Low Back Disorders is something of a bible as far as back issues go.  Damn, that's infuriating as hell.
If i had back or neck issues, id read everything i could get my hands on that was written by stuart mcgill.
New Posts  All Forums: