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 Damn, The Wire is awesome, F the haters.
I earned my deload week too! Well, after bench and deadlift testing later this week...  
I taught myself to do muscle ups, i can get three in a row now. No revolutionary tips, just concentrate on false grip, and a little swing out from the bar/rings so you're pulling them down in front of you.    
damn, 75% off. i would add to my single play 3 at that price for sure.
sounds like a few of you need to check your #depthprivilege at the door...   zercher squats (we have a metal harness that makes them easy) really hit the quads and core, and reduce spinal compression.
Would someone be kind enough to form check my sumo's? Ive always pulled conventional, thought I'd give this a go for some diversity. Somewhat crappy angles.
i don't think the science supports most of the claims, but i (and others i know) found it good for compliance while on a cut.
Yeah, I laughed hard. Then stole it.
#notallcrossfitjudges   funny stuff, I always enjoy some good ol' lolcrossfit
 Thanks! I was pretty fortunate to have someone experienced along to help with picking attempts and deal with handing in cards and stuff, and we had a good plan going in so everything went smoothly. Good luck, im sure you'll do great!  Thanks! I have been working hard on my pre-lift routine for a while, trying not to take too many steps and being more consistent with where they go. It is improving believe it or not, but slowly. Ive been watching Mike T videos, every rep...
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