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Meermin, could get two pairs for that amount (a dark brown captoe and a boot, or something in suede perhaps?)
All with good prices, all US 8D.   Carmina Black Wholecuts   Carmina Black Wingtips   Meermin Linnea Mastro Tan Wingtips
Does anyone know how to track a package from Korea? I have a thing from an ebayer arriving for my wife's craft project, it has a tracking number but I can't figure out how to get the information about it.   edit: found a site, still in transit, no emergency yet!
Those single monks look phenomenal!
One of my favoritist of all favorite gifs!
One of my favoritist of all favorite gifs!
Thank you very much, I hope so too!
  Great, I thought so, just wasnt sure how easy it was to get them in. Just picked up some AE Daltons on the bay, somewhat excited about it!
Do shoe trees go in AE Daltons/other boots?
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