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loled at "Get your housekeeper a shoe shine kit and make sure she knows how to use it"   The article is a piss-take, right?
  Yep, looks that way.
Indeed! I can totally understand the guy who has the Daltons in every color after having these for a week or so!!
A quick snap of my chili Daltons  
Is this Sulka genuine? Any ideas on its age? The "100% silk" tag is cardboard, and seems to be lightly glued to the inside.    
    Thanks for the info! I'll have to take another trip and see if it is still there. No luck finding the pants for that beautiful orphan JPress suit from earlier in the week either, unfortunately.   -----   This also worked well last time, so I'll try it again. If anyone has or picks up a chili-suitable belt in around a 34, please send me a pm and I'll take it off your hands.
Are Chipp suits worth a kop? Full suit in a Prince of Wales pattern.
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