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Would someone be kind enough to form check my sumo's? Ive always pulled conventional, thought I'd give this a go for some diversity. Somewhat crappy angles.
i don't think the science supports most of the claims, but i (and others i know) found it good for compliance while on a cut.
Yeah, I laughed hard. Then stole it.
#notallcrossfitjudges   funny stuff, I always enjoy some good ol' lolcrossfit
 Thanks! I was pretty fortunate to have someone experienced along to help with picking attempts and deal with handing in cards and stuff, and we had a good plan going in so everything went smoothly. Good luck, im sure you'll do great!  Thanks! I have been working hard on my pre-lift routine for a while, trying not to take too many steps and being more consistent with where they go. It is improving believe it or not, but slowly. Ive been watching Mike T videos, every rep...
Did my first meet on the weekend. Went 9/9 and PRed in all three lifts (sorry about the potato-cam).       Great fun all around, I heartily recommend giving it a go if you're on the fence.
i liked leangains, lost weight made squat gains. i don't think it is magic, but a good way to keep compliant.
thanks, and i too would be unable to get close to that after an injury layoff. pretty incredible how quickly conditioning drops off a cliff! twenty reppers are good for mental conditioning too
 I managed 275x20 on film, I did 285x20 a fortnight later but with no vid. 
I can recommend both the inzer forever belt, and my wife has a best belts 3" which is also a great belt.
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