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 Thanks! Should be pretty good, hit a decent squat PR recently, but bench isnt going anywhere fast and deadlift is a real crapshoot! Will be fun anyway.
I don't even sumo (because lol sumo heh) so I have no real suggestions. The sumo lifters in my gym seem to do a lot of deficit sumos and block pulls, box squats but not super wide, with less but still some trap bar or conventional work.
IMO, the complimentary lifts you've chose are close enough to the competition lifts that it will be fine, assuming you have planned for a decent preparatory block prior to your next comp/testing period.
 Congrats! Did you have a good time on the day? My second comp is in 11 days, I'm more amped for this one than i was the first.
Lol lyle:     Cliffs: used to be involved in fetish porn, is writing book about his "other life" called I Walk in Two Worlds: The Tale of an Unlikely Pornographer
 I still think my bench is too low relative to my other lifts, so maybe we should swap a bit!
 preach on!
 Where abouts in NZ are you?? I'm in Auckland - house prices/rents are just retarded.
pause benched 260lbs, feels good man. bench has been slow gaining for me, but making slow but steady progress lately.
 I heard they were remastering it in HD, so look out for that being broadcast wherever you are :)
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