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Jumping to the top and doing slow negatives is another good one that doesnt require additional equipment
This is too damned cool! Great find!
 Wow, this is fantastic
I have several Charvet Ties for sale this week:   Orange and Blue   Blue, Black and Yellow   Black and White Check   Purple, Pink and Black   Orange and Pale Blue:   Blue and Yellow:
 Thanks for the link, I appreciate it
Picked up this Battistoni tie - great thick silk, but unsure how to classify how many folds it is:  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, man!
Recent finds. Zegna Trofeo Two Button Dual Vent coat (Eu 56, available)   [[SPOILER]]  Ties! Charvet x6 L-R: Ferragamo x2, Zegna x3, Brioni x2, Turnbull & Asser x3, Ben Silver
Its actually scarf-sized, pretty big. Wish it was a square, I'd still rock it!
Picked up a Barbour tattersall (xl, available):     and this fake Hermes. One day I'll get the real thing. [[SPOILER]]
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