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yeah, its crucial to get full extension as soon as possible. but your surgeon/rehab guy will go over it in detail
 Damn, son, bad news. I had mine repaired in 2011 after a soccer injury. Let me know if you have any questions.
 Just work up to a progressively heavier and heavier triple each week before your volume work, and/or add in some heavy negatives and/or two board work.
 He's fucking bananas, basically.  Do you ever try a proper peaking cycle prior to maxing out? If you only ever work in high rep ranges you won't be very efficient (both from a CNS point of view and with your technique) when it comes to max singles. 100x9 is only roughly a 125kg single anyway, and that's likely in someone who has some practice hitting heavy singles.
Thanks, guys!   ---   Caught a bit of the stream, those CYC lifts were incredible. But why he no 500kg?
 Tough break, man. Sometimes it comes together on the day, but unfortunately sometimes it doesnt. Did you open too high maybe? My 2nd meet was yesterday, and thankfully it was in the former category. Went 9/9 totaling 557.5kg/1229lbs @ 82.8kg/183lbs. PR squat of 210kg and PR deadlift of 230kg, bench stayed pretty flat over the three months so really have to put my thinking cap on about that, but i knew going in.
"greasing the groove" for pullups works very well, do a bunch of sets every day where you stop 2-4 reps before failure.
I train at GetStrength. It's a small gym at the back of an equipment manufacturing facility, but the manufacturing is moving soon and the gym is taking over the space. I was lifting at a YMCA before I found this place, now I can't go back to shitty gear. I started out lifting in a globo gym when I was living in the states. How about you?   Maybe you guys will like this. Shot a video of a Brett Gibbs training session at a meet we recently hosted. Dude is a machine. I...
Thanks, yep doing the APA novice meet.
Our main lift on our secondary bench day is 3-count pause work, and all of our competition grip width benching is done with a comp pause. We use TnG for close-grip, incline etc done later in the sessions. Seems to help off the chest a bunch.
New Posts  All Forums: