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 Yeah, they are highly recommended, though heavy to read. But Low Back Disorders is something of a bible as far as back issues go.  Damn, that's infuriating as hell.
If i had back or neck issues, id read everything i could get my hands on that was written by stuart mcgill.
5x5 is a good novice program, in the same vein as starting strength. personally i steer people towards the grey skull linear progression (minus neck harness haha), but they are all fairly similar.
Thanks man, I appreciate it!
Last week was doubles for me, leading up to 1rm testing week this week.   Squat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m8TlSm-wbw Deadlift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67pDritV_Xc   My first meet is in a little less than six weeks. Im looking forward to it.
 Doing a 1RM is a skill unlike any other, and it does take some practice at lifting percentages closer to your 1RM to be efficient and to carry over your technique to a maximal effort. Im not sure how well improving your 12RM will carry over to keeping good technique for a 1RM. You should do a few sessions of heavyish doubles and triples as well imo.
Do you know you are not doing it when you sqaut 250??
no, i haven't run it for squats. did you do the full program or the jr version? two things i know about smolov jr: program a very conservative max, and cut everything else as much as possible. the 8x4 and 10x3 days back to back are brutal (even for bench).someone on youtube did smolov jr for deadlift. i think he survived, but you wouldn't catch me trying that!
I did two cycles of smolov jr for bench when i was in a moonboot for my achilles earlier this year. Got from 100kg to 115kg across the two cycles and kept the gains. I say go for it. Keep up the facepulls and band work but its not as intimidating as it is made out to be.
RHET, how are my deads looking? Tore my achilles last october playing soccer, and just getting back to heavyish stuff. ~80kg bodyweight (fat as fuck though).  
New Posts  All Forums: