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 Congrats! Did you have a good time on the day? My second comp is in 11 days, I'm more amped for this one than i was the first.
Lol lyle:     Cliffs: used to be involved in fetish porn, is writing book about his "other life" called I Walk in Two Worlds: The Tale of an Unlikely Pornographer
 I still think my bench is too low relative to my other lifts, so maybe we should swap a bit!
 preach on!
 Where abouts in NZ are you?? I'm in Auckland - house prices/rents are just retarded.
pause benched 260lbs, feels good man. bench has been slow gaining for me, but making slow but steady progress lately.
 I heard they were remastering it in HD, so look out for that being broadcast wherever you are :)
 Damn, The Wire is awesome, F the haters.
I earned my deload week too! Well, after bench and deadlift testing later this week...  
I taught myself to do muscle ups, i can get three in a row now. No revolutionary tips, just concentrate on false grip, and a little swing out from the bar/rings so you're pulling them down in front of you.    
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