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Lol green smoothies. Jfc.
Finally hit a paused 275 bench. Got a 475 squat and 510 deadlift too.
 With no restrictions will take a while, but you can still functionally train after a month or so. I hit bench PRs in both a knee brace post-acl reconstruction and boot post-achilles reconstruction... Not that I'd recommend either.
 My point is that its an extra hassle to deal with, if there are easy to compete in non-tested feds around then why bother?
 They drug test too.
yeah unilateral stuff will help if you use even technique and rom. your left ankle mobility is worth investigating too.
 Good stuff on the meet! I do notice from this pic quite a bit of assymetry, and whilst it is a 1RM so form isnt necessarily going to be optimal, it's worth investigating once you get back to training. Also, I always enjoy the science you bring to the thread, coldsnap.
 The cheapest per g of protein, imo. Whey is whey, largely, and if you're incorporating it into smoothies then the minimal differences in flavor between brands is less important.
Yeah, I am not a big vege smoothie guy. I don't have a problem getting enough tasty vegetables into my meals. And lol kale.
Im tapering down my caffeine consumption after getting a little too reliant on it. Better sleep quality, but still miss coffee. Its better that I have one really good coffee a day than half a dozen shit ones. I ddi consume 400mg for my meet though.
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