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What sort of graft did you get? Any issues getting back full extension?
Thanks guys.
Here's my most recent squat session (bout tree fiddy pounds). Currently five weeks out from regional championships. Depth a bit borderline/high on a few too many reps. Might get close to a five plate squat though...  
Peer review is the worst. Best case it's someone who doesn't have the right background and asks for dumb revisions. Worst case is its a rival looking to screw you.
Lol green smoothies. Jfc.
Finally hit a paused 275 bench. Got a 475 squat and 510 deadlift too.
 With no restrictions will take a while, but you can still functionally train after a month or so. I hit bench PRs in both a knee brace post-acl reconstruction and boot post-achilles reconstruction... Not that I'd recommend either.
 My point is that its an extra hassle to deal with, if there are easy to compete in non-tested feds around then why bother?
 They drug test too.
yeah unilateral stuff will help if you use even technique and rom. your left ankle mobility is worth investigating too.
New Posts  All Forums: