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Quick question: Why purchase a home where you don´t have a job? That limit your options as to where you can work a lot. Also, most people only work for their first employer for a couple of years. I really cant see any good reason to buy a house at all. It is not a smart move, in any way, most likely.    And isn´t this something you should be able to figure out, as you have a masters degree in business?    And, just to answer the asked question: No. 
Orderd a MDR in medium-whiskey suede last week. Wait is already killing me. Probably not going to get it before early-mid May. 
So, just ordered a tux. A double breasted midnight blue, with peak lapels. Might be a little bold. Anyone else with a similar combo, so I can see how it turned out? 
So, I got invited to this James Bond-theme thing. Not wearing a tux, likely to get wasted, and so are all other participants. Wine stains does not make for a good look on a tux.   Is this James Bond enough? Thoughts on the trench?        
That is one impressive engine bay. Are those Weber 45s? Not an original color, is it? Thought about getting the plastic bumpers, Like the look without bumpers, but the rear end looks kind of unfinished in my opinion. Really nice car though! 
Plans for the rain sills? I had the same plan about having a DD. Until.      This is after 30 mins of blasting.  Must have used at least 1 sq mile of sheet metal on this car. Installed Bilstein Sports and the stiffest alpina springs. Stupid. Can barely turn, taking on roundabouts is not for the faint of heart. 3 wheels all the way.  Love to see some pics of your 02 as well. 
Thanks. Filled the lower trim holes, but I am keeping the chrome trim. It´s just weird lights, the fillings are hard to spot. Never, ever, doing this kind of resto again. Shitload of work. 
I really can´t see any problems with a full. I am 5´11 and my bed is 35 inches. When I share the bed with someone, it´s still plenty room. Three is getting cramped, but still works. Then again. I´m in college. Anyways, if I´m bigger than you, and can fit three in a bed smaller than yours, there is no reason to opt for an even bigger one. That just means you have to pick skinnier chicks. It´s a lifesaver really. If she´s to fat to fit, she isn´t staying the night.
  Painted it during the holidays. Just another Ferrari-killer, like the M3. 
  Yes. However, the Norwegian pension-fund is only ~4% of the US debt, and the Actions Act prevents the government from spending more than 2% of it annually, so it´s not like we are all filthy rich.    Plan so far is to go to Berkeley, and then I´ll see where I go. Maybe St. Gallen. Shanghai or Hong Kong is also interesting. 
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