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 Considering darkening this MDR a bit. Too light for "everyday use" it´s a tad loud one might say. Y/N?
If OPs case, they´ll already know who you are, and what you have done in the past. They should, at least. You have to convince them that you are able to do your new job just as well. Most people perform great in one type of positions, very few master all. I am sure you can pretend your way into the new position, but you should focus on the opposite. Is the job right for you? If it is, you are right for the job. What makes you great? Don´t pretend to be someone you are...
Nice thread revival Aladin. Here is my EDC.   .
It is pretty warm today, so I just threw it on for you 5354. Maybe I´ll shoot it some other day.             EDIT: I did not do something ugly(like spilling 2% milk) on my t-shirt, it´s just residue from the Windex(I hope)
Got my mid-whisky suede MDR today. Fit is great, and quality is great too. Weight is like my Alpinestart jacket, but much thicker and softer leather. That is some impressive quality and craftsmanship.    On the other hand, it requires stupid self-esteem, it´s the kind of jacket you have to wear like Tom Cruise did in the 80s, or you´re going to look like you borrowed your grandmothers jacket. Any good ideas what to wear it with? Dark jeans, and blues in general i...
When standing upright, with your arms in a natural position, it should stop just around your carpals.
It all depends on whether you are going to ride a bike with it. If so, it should be as long as a formal shirt. If not, I´d opt for a shorter sleeve. 
Yeah, not to my liking either, did not ask for it.  Does however not bother me all that much, fit is more important, and it seems like i need a new pair of trousers anyways, so I can ask for a narrower band.
Most people would not notice that either, and if they noticed, they would not care...    Just go with the Indochino suit. 
Got my tux, a little trousers a little tight around thighs, and a little long. Excessive material in the back aswell. Anything else?       
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