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Scored my first Ralph Lauren Purple Label dress shirt today.  And it even fits!!
  Need a little help deciding whether or not it is worth reconditioning/resoling these old Florsheims.  Not sure why the burgundy is so dark, but some lengthy work-over with Lexol has produced little/no results.   Thoughts??
Trying to restore what looks like could be a serviceable oxblood/black saddle shoe.  The oxblood almost looks like it had been polished with black, and I'm trying my best to uncover what's underneath.  Per a recommendation on this board, I've been using Lexal (ph) on these puppies.  Is there any chance I'll be able to restore these to what the circled part of the picture below suggests is the original color?  Can anyone suggest a better way?  
  Don't think any of them are workable as sport coats.  The Southwick is obviously a suit jacket (same color buttons and charcoal herringbone pattern) but otherwise in decent shape, the Oxxford is a blue pinstripe w/ some some kind of very light stain on one lapel (haven't tried cleaning it), and the EZ is a distinctive brown grid pattern, but with what looks like a small burn hole on one sleeve.  I don't think I can tell the difference between horn and plastic buttons yet.
So for part of my ongoing thrifting self-education, I've ended up with what appear to be orphaned jackets, none of which are in perfect condition; 1 Southwick, 1 Oxxford, and 1 Ermenegildo Zegna.  I read about some folks harvesting such articles for buttons.  Would my leftovers be good candidates for salvaging?
Sad news, that Oxxford suit I lifted for $4.00 couldn't be forced onto my frame, and I'm out $90 on tailoring.  Guess I'll just have to get some accurate measurements, put it on the block, and hope I break even.  Lesson learned about looking harder for the tags first!  =(
Picked up this new-with-tags Brooks Brothers classic brown herringbone sportcoat, size 45XL.     PS: Does anyone have any recommendations for photographing items, such as lighting and specific details?
  Just outside Harrisburg, northern edge of your "territory".  Dammit! 
  Is it safe to assume that there are a lot of general rules in there that would apply to any region?  Don't worry, I'm in PA  :)
  Couldn't have put it better myself.  That's perfect!  Tough break on the mis-match, man!  :(
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