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J.P., I'm very sorry about this misunderstanding. We'll ship the remaining 2 shirts to you as promised. I'll investigate why they never left.   Jan
 There are a few I like. I think they work nicely with soft collars. I do not recommend them either on stiff fused collars which look best buttoned-up and with a tie anyway.
  At Solosso, we've recently been experimenting with different button-down collars with the intent to create a nice collar roll. My favorite outcome is this white Oxford with 8 cm collar tips and soft interlining. I like my casual shirts with contrast collar lining and button thread.   Jan
Great thread. While we've mentioned some of my personal favorites, many of them are too big of a bite for the beginner reader. When my friends ask me how to dress nicer, I point them to Barron's Dressing Like a Grownup and they love it. An easy and quick read, yet very informative for the young professionals just introducing themselves to the world of dressing with style.   People need something simple to get started. I find that if I recommend a 300 page style bible to...
 This is a brilliant list, Sir. Thank you for putting it together, bookmarked quite a few of your tips for future reading.
 You can try our shirts out and get 50% off your first order. We had a few reviews published lately, you might find that useful when making a decision. For your convenience, here, here, and here. We do unfused collars and cuffs too, lots of people from Style Forum come because of that. More on that here. Hope that helps. Jan
 That's a lovely roll indeed.
We do:   Not in London, but with free worldwide shipping.
Love this, all of them.  
It's time to be extra nice to each other this week! The idea comes from The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation who explain the idea of a special week here.   I think that as a community of fashion and style lovers, we can come up with many kindness ideas related to what we love and do our part besides being kind in general. For example: Is there anybody whom you respect for their taste and style? Tell them. Is anybody looking particularly good today?...
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