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Swaine Adeney Brigg.
Obenauf's Leather Preservative is great. Apple Leather Care Conditioner, a good liquid conditioner. Lincoln shoe polish. The best. Melotonian shoe cream. Good when the leather is dry. Black and light colored shoe brushes. Afta spot remover. If you have to remove old polish. Saddle soap. Use rarely but it has a purpose. Soft cotton rags. Good luck.
Low/Heroes: (The Man Who Fell to Earth)
My favorite pens: Montblanc 149 Aurora Hastil Lamy 2000 Parker 51 (buy vintage on Ebay) Parker 75 (sterling silver, buy vintage on Ebay) Pelikan 1000 All classic designs and first rate quality.
Simichrome polish is also great for polishing stainless. It will also remove scratches from acrylic crystals. Thanks for the tip on the Cape Cod cloth- I'll give it a try.
Both shoes are really nice but keep in mind that you can get Alden's refurbished to like new condition by sending them in along with $125.00. Not so easy with the the Polo shoes (C & J).
I have a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 144 that's twenty + years old. It has a 18c nib and is a great fountain pen. Of course it's well worn in but it's large, comfortable, never leaks and is a design classic (although common nowadays). I also use a Parker 75 (sterling silver) which is also very good. Bought it on Ebay. Another nice pen is the Aurora Hastil. It's a bit hard to find but it's one of the few pens in the permanent collection at MOMA. It's very minimal and elegant....
Very nice watch Ernest. Here are some Grand Seikos you might find interesting. Extremely good watches... Grand Seiko
For casual wear I like my Filson bridle leather belts. "Might As Well Have The Best" Filson Belts
I believe the iPod back is stainless steel. You should be able to polish out scratches with Simichrome polish.
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