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I've looked at M&S, couldn't seem to find a plain, okay quality one though. I just googled Slaters, they don't seem to have a store close enough for me to visit (closet one is like 100 miles). Thanks for the answer.
 Thanks for the answer bro. I'm not "poor" (I know what you mean by the expression), it's just the fact that I've spent a huge amount on clothing and other essentials such electronics - I'm starting university soon and I had a wardrobe clearance so you can imagine how much I ended giving away. I have the money to buy a better quality suit however it will effect my ability of spending during the first weeks of University, until I get my finance and my parents give me money...
 Thanks for the reply Brad. I've already checked Topman, I don't really like the suits they offer as the black one has three pockets, which I don't like. Also it's £100, so I'd rather spend another £50 and get a decent quality suit - I'm really only going to wear this for a freshers ball so It doesn't need to be a Burberry suit :D
Guys I need some help on a Slim Fit Plain Black Suit (2 piece) - I can't find anywhere to buy it at a reasonable price (£150, I'm a student). I need a suit that's like the one in the image below, preferably from a store where I can actually try it on (I don't really want to order online). I'm from LONDON so please keep that in mind when telling me to go to an American store, haha.   The suit:    Please help, would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.
What shoes would you recommend?
I need some help! I have a ball for uni and I'll like to wear a classic black tuxedo, however I can't find any at a reasonable price. Does anyone know where I can get a slim fit tuxedo (bow tie), I live in London so keep that in mind. Does this look any good? I don't really want to look cheap, so suggestions please! Also what shoes should...
Hi, im 17 and i was trying to find a nice gilet without a hood, or a gilet that could go with a hoody under it. I cant find any gilets with no hoods that are black as well as medium. I found this one; but not sure if i can wear a hoody under that? So, can i wear a hoody under that, if not, where can i buy a nice gilet without a hood. Keep in mind im only 17 and i live in London. Thanks.
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