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What shoes would you recommend?
I need some help! I have a ball for uni and I'll like to wear a classic black tuxedo, however I can't find any at a reasonable price. Does anyone know where I can get a slim fit tuxedo (bow tie), I live in London so keep that in mind. Does this look any good? I don't really want to look cheap, so suggestions please! http://m.marksandspencer.com/mt/www.marksandspencer.com/super-slim-fit-1-button-eveningwear-suit/p/dse0932710bd7ab26d2429f14771677933 Also what shoes should...
Hi, im 17 and i was trying to find a nice gilet without a hood, or a gilet that could go with a hoody under it. I cant find any gilets with no hoods that are black as well as medium. I found this one; http://www.criminaldamage.co.uk/Criminal-Damage-Gilet-Aspen-Navy.html but not sure if i can wear a hoody under that? So, can i wear a hoody under that, if not, where can i buy a nice gilet without a hood. Keep in mind im only 17 and i live in London. Thanks.
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