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Hello all. I was looking to buy a pair of loafers and stumbled upon these.   Are these out of style or do they look fine? I know they cannot be worn into a business formal setting but would be good for dressy to casual attire.    Would this belt also match well with these shoes? Thanks.
So this is more of a jeans/khakis and chinos sort of thing. Dressy casual?
Hey. Just purchased a pair of loafers and I'm wondering what kind of clothes I can wear with these loafers in terms of casual / something a little more formal. Accidentally posted a thread about it and then saw this thread. Thanks.
Hey. Just purchased a pair of loafers and I was wondering if this can be worn casually/ in a more formal setting. Thanks!
Hello everyone (first post for me!). I recently bought a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Bramante loafers as a gift.   I was wondering what line of Ferragamo these shoes are part of (Studio, etc)?   I thought the toe part of the shoe was going to be a bit less boxy and I was wondering if anyone could provide some opinion on whether or not the toes are considered box-toe or not. I know that round/more pointy toed shoes probably look better / are more fashionable right...
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