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I also found this one on bluefly
Is it way too showy? Are there any other belts by ferragamo that have a good design?
Aren't these belts of good quality? Are there any other recommendations? Thanks again
Is there a way to move my thread here?
Would you choose this...
Those look pretty nice, but I can't seem to find anything wrong with the two options no?
Thanks a lot! The second option also comes in brown but is a lot more expensive than the first so I guess I will go with the first. 
What's specifically wrong with the options so maybe I can go find some other options? Any recommendations? Thanks
So far I've narrowed it down to two options. Wearing them with jeans/button down etc.   or   Don't worry about the price differences but maybe take it into account.   Thanks! 
    Would this probably be a better buy in terms of flexibility, looks, and style? It costs a bit more and isn't on sale like the one above, but maybe the above is onsale for a reason.   Thanks again!
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