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This probably won't help much since I don't own the Dundee, but I'm a 9.5D in both the McTavish and the Amok. The Amok is extremely comfortable and a steal at that price IMO.
More anectdotal evidence, but strengthening my hips eliminated my ITB issues too. The stress fractures were another story. I hope you heal up quickly.
I don't, but I will take one the next time I wear them. I had to drive to Denver to see them in a person and it was definitely worth the trip. Both colors look very different in person than they do online. The neumok looks a lot better in person as well. I had no interest int the blue neumok until I saw it in the store.
I was in a similar situation with trying to decide between the cognac and natural in the McTavish. I went to the AE store planning to buy the natural after looking at the pictures online. After seeing them and trying them on I ended up going with the cognac. I love the look of the natural, but I don't think it's as versatile as the cognac. To me the natural looks great with dark jeans with, but not as good with lighter pants. AE's website photos are terrible at accurately...
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