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Recently bought a pair of J. Crew Oxford shorts in bold violet. Can someone recommend a belt to go with the shorts, as shown please?
I've been applying Obenauf's LP to my boots monthly since I got them. Especially now during the winter months, I try to ensure that there is adequate protection. 
I am about to get on an airplane with these boots. With the steel shank, would it cause the metal detector to go off through security?
I bought a pair of Red Wing Beckman's and applied a coat of LP, to help protect the leather from the elements rain/sleet/snow. Will it help with salt as well?
I have a question for all the GT/Beckman owners. I noticed that the stitching on the Vibram sole is somewhat exposed. So when you walk, the stitching seems to get worn. If the stitching gets worn to the point that it breaks, what would hold the sole to the shoe?   Thanks! 
I dropped by my local Red Wing store, and picked up the GT in Cigar. Went a full size down (7 1/2). My regular shoe size is 8 1/2. Applied some Obenauf's, and I am going to let it absorb and dry up overnight, then polish it off with a horsehair brush. Can't wait for tomorrow :D
Hello!    Stephen from Vancouver, BC. I've been here a few times just browsing. Thought I would make an account and start contributing a bit. :) 
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