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Please dont hit to me so much
Thank You so much.. Your advice very helpful for me ;) I am going to seperate pics next time... 
 PP looking great...
it was a simile about get out of here... ;)    thats the point others opinion not so important for me and I dont need any advice ;) I am just wearing how I want not for others.. Honestly few man here I like their style others not so much.. I like your comments You are just saying what You think a bit brutal and kind.. But lots of people here Brutal.. it will not change for me!    Here people just try to make combine brown and blue, Black and white etc.... I like...
  I will listen your advice  and ignore them  I just try to have fun ;) But people around here very different.. They are Brutal..  they are like waiting others post and attack them like How could you wear that? You havent got eyes and any taste? get out of here immediatelly! something like that :D But I love here may be I am not so constantly here but I will be ;) 
 I am so sorry for disturbing :D 
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