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 Merlot McAllister
 Congratulations. The walnut McAllister is a spectacular shoe. If you are going to need to dress up often for school, you may want to consider something dark, like a dark brown, black, or perhaps burgundy as your next shoe. You definitely made great choices, but darker shoes are, ceteris paribus, more formal. You may not need that formality, but it's something of which I think you should be aware if you end up looking for more shoes at some point.
 Is there any chance you'll be offering them in a size 6D in that deal?
 Ravello is truly stunning...
Could we see some pictures of these water stains?
 I have, in some areas. Using a dark brown cream polish will slowly darken and add patina to the treated sections.
I think a good justification for this being an exception to advertising rules is that a user mentioned Leffot opening preorders for a shoe that is essentially identical (different sole?) to one already available from other retailers. Sure, it could have been handled by forum members, but Unipair didn't exactly cross the line here. If I were considering that Leffot preorder, I'd be glad to see the alternate sellers that already have it in stock.
 They can't tax the shoes on your feet! Disclaimers:     This argument doesn't work as well for someone bringing more than one pair of shoes.     Though the prices on the site you linked are reasonable, they're still about $45-90 above U.S. prices. That may or may not be more than VAT or customs fees.
 It's too bad the soles wore out quicker than you would have anticipated, but I don't think you should be overly concerned. Leather soles wear out, especially if you wore them in slightly wet weather, as suggested by the goal of wearing the hell out of them. Usually, you can feel the sole becoming soft just before a hole forms, but even then, it's normal to resole them as long as the uppers look nice. Depending on the extent to which you want to repair them (half sole,...
 Those look incredible, and I'd definitely keep them. I've had bent speed hooks, and they're really not a big deal. (If you're talking about the kind of damage that just involves them being less spread, making it difficult to run laces through them with the speed implied by their name.) I just pried them back apart carefully. As far as the edges of the welt and sole, that stuff happens easily, and I bet you've already noticed that any edge dressing or cream polish will...
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