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 The pictures make it seem like it would be slimmer than the skinny guy, with a higher rise, but I don't know if it would be tighter than the super skinny. So, I would put it in this order. Super Skinny Guy > Stacked Guy > Skinny Guy > Weird Guy > Slim Guy > Regular Guy This is just a guess though.
 Incredible first post, good sir! Edit: Now that you've added another post, I can say this. It's really difficult to tell size and style form a picture. The information is usually on a small tag inside the waist. You could try contacting the person who posted that picture.
 You can do some variation of this one-handed method to get bar lacing style with odd eyelets. http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/onehandedlacing.htm
 Actually, they have done runs of walnut shell. So, they aren't limited to the three colors you listed. However, lighter shell is difficult to find lately, and that's being discussed in the Alden thread. Lighter shell demands better quality material, because flaws are more evident. Now, if the process for producing bourbon shell resembled the process for calf to any extent, bourbon wouldn't be any easier to obtain than walnut. That's because bourbon is burnished...
 Have you considered the sulphur-dyed? They're pretty dark. http://www.blueowl.us/product/naked-and-famous-weird-guy-14oz-sulphur-dyed-selvedge-denim-in-solid-black/
 I believe there's an antiquated Texas law that makes it illegal to tuck your pants into your boots unless you own at least ten head of cattle.
  For a while, I thought leather soles were fine for winter, and I still wear them, but I try to only wear them on dry winter days.  What changed my mind? I was walking into the Cheesecake Factory (I'm classy like that) from the parking lot, in the pouring rain, and I came unreasonably close to busting my tail bone on the tile floor.
 That's great to hear. I don't know if it came up in the discussion, but did you consider asking them to not put a tab at all, to prevent it from happening again?
 Then again, if he just set them ablaze, as he should, they'd probably char to a nice black color...
Given that you paid approximately 25USD for them, I wouldn't expect too much. I don't mean any offense, but that price doesn't buy much quality or durability. They worked for you for that night, and a marker could make them appear black again, but I bet the same thing happens again. 
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