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...and when I hit refresh, the prices returned to their normal levels.
 I think brass will generate a greater visual pop, which is nice if you're trying to draw attention to your eyelets. If you want the eyelets to blend into, or draw less attention than, the upper, I'd go for copper, or perhaps a shade even closer to chili. It's personal preference.
If it weren't excluded by that size range, I'd be in for sure. That's an incredible deal.
 It's leather. If you want to protect it, use LP. It's in the name, and it's highly recommended for 1000-mile boots.
As always, Crat, you recovered marvelously. I would probably have lost my composure (though, I've stayed cool when it was my own mistake that caused such extensive damage).
 That's a great plan. Are you going with the white ones? If you look at the pictures on Amazon, and zoom in, you can see how thick they are.
Are they firsts or seconds? Either way, I think it's a pretty insignificant issue over which to fret. A large, unsupported piece of leather like that might even have a chance of creasing during shipping. It will be hidden under your pants. It's a portion of the boot that you will slightly wrinkle and crease while wearing and storing, but if you truly aren't happy, just send them back and try again. I just don't think anyone is going to even think twice about those creases,...
 They were listed by Leather Soul as tan laces. You could contact them and see what they used. They seem to just be tan cotton laces, and I have no personal experience with exact matches to those. I can recommend two options with which I do have experience. 1.) ShoeLaceExpress flat dress laces: They're about 1/4" wide. They're reasonably priced, and only slightly elastic. They seem to hold up well, not looking ragged after a few days, and they're definitely stronger than...
 The simplest solution of which I can think would be to have a strip of leather stitched over them (on the inside). I can't take credit for coming up with that because I just noticed they're not exposed on modern Alden indy boots. Still, the pressure of tight lacing can cause pull-up leathers, like chromexcel, to temporarily change colors where the eyelets touch.
 If you need brown ones, I found these to be pretty durable, if not slightly on the thick side. They're flat, waxed cotton, and approximately 3/16" wide.
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