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 Those look incredible, and I'd definitely keep them. I've had bent speed hooks, and they're really not a big deal. (If you're talking about the kind of damage that just involves them being less spread, making it difficult to run laces through them with the speed implied by their name.) I just pried them back apart carefully. As far as the edges of the welt and sole, that stuff happens easily, and I bet you've already noticed that any edge dressing or cream polish will...
Those are spectacular! How do you like the raised moccasin detail that comes as a result of that hand stitching? (I assume it's hand stitching.) For some reason, I prefer the flat detailing of the machine stitch, but seeing those might be swaying me.
 I'm sorry my comments caused you such offense. There is a valid argument for "leather is leather," but these threads are specialized in order to keep them pertinent to the topic in question. By your argument, I could start discussing other brands of belts and wallets, so long as they were composed of leather. If everyone started doing that, there would be no point calling it "the official Alden thread". (You could also find similarities to arguments of Kantian...
I don't mean to be rude, but you also asked this in the Oak Street Bootmakers thread. That was the appropriate action, and you should just patiently wait for an answer there. If you're freaking out, contact the seller/maker, but it's rude to bombard multiple forums with it. You don't get to make people stop whatever they're doing to reassure you.I do hope you find the answer for which you are waiting.
 You stand that close, and you'll very soon be frying some shell.
 Are you flexing your toe upward toward your knee? It looks like you're leaning forward and causing the leather to flex outward.
 I think they would actually look nicer if you turned the stitching black. I mean, I love the white stitching on the brown variants, but I think these would be better all black. Natural would probably be beautiful though.
 I was able to track down this picture from the Agatine Eyelet... 
 It may be a bit on the pricier side, but if you want to stay with cordovan, how about one from Rancourt and Co? http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/leather-goods/belt-caramel-shell-cordovan.html 
I think you'll be pleased.
New Posts  All Forums: