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 If it continues to concern you, you could take them to a cobbler and have him stitch one side of the tongue to the inside of the upper. It shouldn't be hard for them to line it up with stitching already present.
 That's a pretty amazing deal (if only my feet would grow a size).
 Considering the amount of black burnishing on the bourbon finish, I think black laces could look quite good. Good luck, and I'll wait for pictures.
 That's fantastic! It's too bad they don't make a darker brown, but if you want to see how the regular brown will look next to some bourbons, here is a picture. I'm sorry I didn't lace them up, but they're boot laces, and I was just throwing them in there for a color reference. I think they're a little light, but they might work on a boot. 
For some reason, the stock laces on those Daltons make it look like you're trying to tie up a roast.
 You could try these. They're a little bit narrower and noticeably thicker. They don't really have a dark brown, but they have some options, and the pictures on the site are pretty true to the actual colors. I recommended them in the Alden thread, and I think they would fulfill your wishes.
 That's a pretty good haul. I'm still waiting for the second one I ordered (on 11/29) to ship.
Better on your shoes than on your head.
 Actually, that's my bedroom. Yes, I have a fireplace in my bedroom, and yes, I'm sitting on the edge of the bed. Thank you though.
 It's only noon, and it's not yet Wednesday, but it's never too early for some Whiskey.
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