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  Plus, when you put your shoes in the bags, you don't get to look at them all the time.
  I didn't want to call him out on that comment, but, actually, I'm glad someone mentioned that people shouldn't take advantage of stores that actually do provide decent service to their customers.
  If you really need/want the bags, remember on your next seconds order. They'll include a set for a few bucks.
  If you aren't happy with them, send them back for an exchange or a return, but it might be informative to reveal whether those are firsts or seconds.
  I don't think that's necessary. The leather sticks out more than the linen. So, as long as you don't power down too hard in your swipes, you can still get a light brushing in. Mainly, I was just careful, and I chose angles that would risk the least overlap with the linen and short strokes. Using a cloth and polishing it very carefully would probably be easy too.
This week, I finally got my Brooks Brothers (by AE) linen and calf leather wingtips, and I figured I would post up some pictures of how I dealt with the linen area.   Since I didn't want to get fabric protector onto the leather (mainly to maintain its ability to take a polish and amenable to creams and lotions). So, I taped off the leather portions with low-tack painters tape. Then, I gave it a few coats of spray, letting it dry in between coats. Once I finally...
  What color?
  Allen Edmonds seconds don't usually come with drawstring bags, but it's understandable to be disappointed when you first find that out.
As I learned from GTA: Vice City...   "f you cannot support a medallion, you cannot support a family."   Of course, it's situation-dependent. The medallion is more casual, but it fits more with my present lifestyle. I still have plain-toes around though, for those times when I need to suit up more formally.
  They're on the 5-last, but because of the way they're put together (linen, different lacing style, different insole and thicker sole), they fit just a touch looser (around the ankle and over the top of your feet).   I think they're on the 4-last. I ordered the same size I usually order for 5-last shoes, and they feel extremely comfortable.   The only part I expect to need breaking in is the sole.   Also, since they have this lacing style, they can unlace quickly and I...
New Posts  All Forums: