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They're just khaki-colored Levi 514 jeans.
Thanks, guys!They're actually a shoe AE made for Ralph Lauren. It's the chocolate suede version of their suede Saunders.
  You would say that!   These pants aren't as narrow (and need a hem), but is this more to your liking?    
I'm really digging those pants and those shoes, Josh. Who makes the pants?
My story doesn't follow like most. Sure, my dad owns Allen Edmonds, along with his fair share of Church's, Alden and such. He wasn't the one who pushed me into good shoes.   Once my feet stopped growing, my mom bought me some AE Hastings for my junior prom. They survived multiple moves, quite a few fraternity formals,I still have them, and they still look fantastic. Heck, I even posted a picture of them in this thread as a reference for AE whole-cuts.    Since...
My chocolate suede Saunders came in today, and let me say that I haven't felt a sole this stiff since the last pair of McTavishes I bought. I'm thinking they're double-oak too.    
This is also true. I think It's a great thread for people to comfortably share their outfits, more than one where people want to be cut down to size on the daily.
How about a simple, multi-part rating system. It could be broken up like this, but I am in no place to set categories in stone. Coordination: (1-10) Fit: (1-10) Individuality: (1-10) Appropriate to Setting: (1-10) Overall: (1-10) Then, comments could follow.
  That's exactly what I was saying. I'm surprised it's still a question for some people, but everyone learns about shoe construction at their own pace.
  Picture me being relieved by that revelation. Now you see why I kept saying I had no intention of going narrower. Thanks for the confirmation though.
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