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If you plan to wear any lighter jeans, I'd lean towards the tan. I have both colors, but I think the cognac works best mainly with really dark jeans. The tan go well with classic khakis and jeans of all colors, at least in my opinion.
  I think it starts being a bit weird to borrow your little brother's pants when he's about six inches shorter than you... and even weirder when you also happen to have borrowed grandpa's house shoes.   That waistcoat though is srs bsns. Watch out, people... we got ourselves an sartorial expert on our hands!
My wallet and I don't see eye-to-eye on the value of this thread.
Step off, bro (never my bro)!(I'm just messing with you, but I want them.)
Those are fantastic. Whoever snagged the Sandersons in 7D, feel free to hit me up if you change your mind. Someone was quicker on the draw (snagging the tan ones) than I was.
  I think you're missing walnut shell options. They don't have enough of those (none right now).
  They posted a picture on their facebook page to show the leather colors offered for the webgem Neumok.       "For those of you interested in the current Custom WebGem, here's a shot of all the leather swatch colors... Keep in mind, these are untouched natural leather swatches... No finishing has been done... The colors have been ordered to match the Custom configurator - starting with Cardinal and ending with Maize."
  I'm totally not surprised you noticed that.   Well, maybe the leg opening is a little wide, but 14.5" would be a little small for me (J Brand Tyler, like yours). I'd probably rock a 15.5" or 16" opening comfortably.   Edit: I measured, and it's only a 15" leg opening.
  I've started to think that the marketing photos are only good in that they provide an idea of the design of the shoe (shapes and such). You then have to try to imagine the color as you've seen it on other shoes, assuming you've seen other shoes that color.    They must spend a lot of time in post, and they lose track of what the shoe looks like. They end up presenting what they think is an interesting image rather than conveying the reality. Well, that's just a theory.
They're just khaki-colored Levi 514 jeans.
New Posts  All Forums: