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Do you have a picture of the stain? What kind of oil/grease is it?
What material is that? Reverse tobacco chamois?
 They will shrink, both in the waist and in length, and that holds true whether you just rinse them in cold water and air dry or dry them in the dryer (the latter will just be more drastic). If you hang the pants by the cuff when you air dry, it would shrink less, but if you plan on hemming and ever washing, you should take that into consideration. Either leave them an inch or so long to enjoy the nice raw denim look for a bit... or wash first. 
Thanks. They're still chocolatey in tone, so I need to find a good lace color.
So, I took my older 403s and tossed a thin coat of black dye on them to black out the stitching and freshen them up. I'm not sure if before or after is better...
 Thanks! I ordered them from the Alden Shop in SF.  Now, something different... I've ordered indy boots from them before, which came with regular heel pads, but these have a special print on them for the San Francisco shop.
Finally caved and bought some natty CXL plain toe boots...        
 You can call Alden. They'll ship you a set for about $25, and then have a local cobbler put them on ($15 or so).
403s... Two weeks of wear vs. two years of wear (and three sets of heels):
 What's your normal inseam? Really, just measure how much of a cuff you want (including all the material that's rolled), and add that to your natural inseam. That should be a pretty good starting point.
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