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LHT Skinny Guy, Day 62: I spilled stew on my leg. So, the first soak was inevitable.
 I've tried them, and I have to say that they add a serious amount of structure to the inside of the boot. That can be good, if you find the model that fits your foot and boot, but I found it uncomfortable. When I needed something to fill a little bit of volume in my Indy boots, I just grabbed a pair of Pedag 102 leather insoles. They're about $10 on Amazon, but you need to remember to order a couple sizes up. They run small. For a size 6 boot, and a size 7 foot, I found...
 From the looks of things, they been commuting there daily for a long time.
 I think this line sums up the creasing on both boots. Chromexcel can have tendencies of wrinkling in a similar manner, and yours are definitely not as creased as the ones you mentioned. If you don't like them, send them back, because Crane's has extended a generous return offer. If you buy chromexcel boots, especially plain-toes, and spend no more than the price of 1000-mile boots, this issue may crop up again. It's not unusual, and it's not as grand of a tragedy as...
 If you intend to assert that your creasing is more pronounced than the example above, please post new pictures. If the wrinkling is spreading to other areas, it could be a sizing issue.
 I also found it here for $521, from some company that seems to be based in California. I hope that means you have to save up less. http://www.itmustbetime.com/hamilton-men-s-h70585733-khaki-field-black-day-date-dial-watch.html
 What about this ($750)? http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-H70585733-Khaki-Field-Black/dp/B0043RUK42/ref=sr_1_105?s=watches&ie=UTF8&qid=1390452840&sr=1-105 
 If you lace them securely from the start, you have a chance of having them form to your foot in a manner that doesn't shift. Once they start to slide to the side, it's probably creasing that's not (easily) reversible. At that point, you could have a cobbler stitch one side of the tongue to the upper. It's pretty simple for them to match it up to a stitch line already present on the outside of the boot.  Disclaimer: This is not science, but my interpretation.
 Chromexcel creases in a less than predictable manner. I think that's normal. If you look at pictures of my Indy boots that I previously posted, you'll see similar creasing on my left boot.  [[SPOILER]]
 http://youtu.be/3PycZtfns_U   In all honesty, you just need to apply it all over, and let it absorb. A hair dryer can help with the second part, but you need to be careful. Then, remove the excess that didn't absorb and buff them like crazy, and this part can be done the next day.
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