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Amazing choice for a first pair. Wear them well, and wear them hard, because that natural CXL patina is only going to get better.
If only it were easy to find in my size (6D)... That's why my choices are limited.
Family photo: Top: -very used 403 with a coat of black dye -403 (brown CXL on trubalance) -405 (brown cowhide on trubalance) -40531H (Alden of Madison, snuff suede on lightweight brick sole) Bottom: -D4907 (Alden x Moulded Shoe, Alpine Grain on modified) -40724H (Alden x Leather Soul Vanguard boot, brown CXL on Barrie) -45183H (plain toe, natural CXL on Barrie) -45110 (tan suede with crepe sole on Barrie)     I'm thinking of getting another pair of indy...
I finally got my LeatherSoul Vanguard boots. I guess it's time to break them in...
Beautiful boots, man...
It's tough to say, because it depends how you want to wear it. Ashland makes chromexcel belts, which would match in finish, but I usually just find the closest tanner goods standard belt.
True... for chromexcel, this would be normal... but he said 405s, and they don't look like J.Crew 405s. So, they would be calf. Calf doesn't normally crease or wrinkle in the same manner. Personally, it wouldn't bother me, but it's not typical of any calf Alden's I've ever owned.
  They're still on the LeatherSoul website. http://leathersoul.com/2012/12/14/alden-shoe-8-pitt-boot-lsw/
Apparently, this person died 60+ years before being born.That post would be so much better with some proofreading and citation...
 Congratulations. That was my first choice too, and I've been hooked since day one.
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