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Finally caved and bought some natty CXL plain toe boots...        
 You can call Alden. They'll ship you a set for about $25, and then have a local cobbler put them on ($15 or so).
403s... Two weeks of wear vs. two years of wear (and three sets of heels):
 What's your normal inseam? Really, just measure how much of a cuff you want (including all the material that's rolled), and add that to your natural inseam. That should be a pretty good starting point.
Those snuff Indy boots.... Lord, have mercy!
Nice job... And day by day, my fades progress (about 150 wears and three washes)...
 Well, thanks! They've had a little less than 200 days of wear. They're about to need new heels. As far as darkening the welt, it just happened. I mean, when I got them, I put Obenauf's LP on them in the winter, but I didn't like the tackiness. Since then, they've received an occasional cleaning with Renovateur and a light brushing. As far as the 405s... they're definitely stiffer and more snug at this point. They don't need to be laced nearly as tightly, and there...
After putting my 403s to work for more than 6 months, it's time to pop on the fresh 405s. In the meantime, I have a couple progress pics to share...   Worn 403 next to a new one...     New 405s...
 If those are your two choices, which I believe implies that you're on an Ikea budget, the Hemnes is the winner, hands-down. At least, it has SOME aesthetic significance, whereas the Malm is a particle-board tragedy with zero form.
The only real fading is around the pockets.Here's a slightly closer look.If it weren't for permanent markers, I'd have no idea how long I wore them.
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