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I'd probably go with the same size and let them stretch... but really, you should look at Blue Owl's website. They break down the average measurements on each pair.
This thread is brutal... Every time I think I'm done, you pull me back in.   It looks like I'm close to having a pair of Indy boots for each day of the week though. So, I got that going for me.   
 I don't yet have an answer for you, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone recommended TZ laces (  DON'T buy those. They're incredibly thick, don't look sleek, and get hung up on the eyelets.
It's sad to think I never got around to enjoying these, but I'm boxing them up to have Snoogz put them into better homes.  
Some may disagree, but I don't find it all that heavy (especially compared to neocork and double leather). I may be biased by the lightness of the suede though.
So, I finally wore my Tan Suede Leather Soul PT Boots (crepe sole), and I'm getting almost a "Timberland Plus" vibe from them.. I don't say that as a negative, just saying. I love them.  
Does anyone have in-the-wild pictures of the scotch grain plain toe boots from Moulded Shoe (D5803)?   (the ones in this picture:
So, I caved and bought the reverse tobacco chamois Indy boots, and I have to say that I'm loving the darker edge treatment.
Interesting lacing approach.
Leather tongue? Clean makeup... and aging beautifully.
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