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My suit is ventless. The original price is $2195. So I got a discount of 80% off. It's a good deal except that the suit is not fully-cavassed. If you like GA, Myhabit often has GA items for sale. Last time I bought two GA shirts for $89 each and a GA belt for $89 also.   Myhabit will have a GA sale TOMORROW, Wednesday, Nov.21, 2012. Please check it out :)
Can I ask what makes it look luxurious? Thanks!
Is there a way that I can find out in what year the suit was manufactured and in which factory? Thanks!
Yes, that's what I was thinking. I was told that a GA suit is much more than the $2000.
The original price is $2,195. Do you think it's normal for a GA suit?
That's my experience also. Can you give me the link for this article? Thanks!
    Pin Dot Suit Mid-weight wool with an intricate pin dot pattern, 2-button front, 3 interior and front pockets; flat-front pant with side welt and back button-welt pockets, zip fly, tailor-ready hem Fabric: 100% Virgin wool Lining: 100% Cupro
Thanks. I think I would keep it even if it maybe a fused suit! Have a good thanksgiving!
I have a black-fleece suit that is fully canvassed. I can feel a separate layer under the fabric.   For this GA suit, I can't feel a separate layer, either in the chest or in the lapels, so I thought it might be a fused suit. However, I own another Brooks Brother 1818 Milano suit that was half-canvassed (mentioned on its website) and made in Italy but I can't feel a separate layer either. And I also own a fused Boss suit. The feeling for these three suits are pretty...
Thanks~ You are so professional!
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