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Pretty steep price for calf. 
Great comparison, Zombie. Thanks for putting this together. 
For $160 you should get them and never look back. 
This is a tough one, especially given the price for the Neumok. I kind of like the look of these new Neumok's, but I feel that I would probably reach out to Alden's way more often. This said, I've been going through the disenchantment with CXL. I just don't like how it ages. My OCD dictates that the shoes should not have ugly creases CXL is prone to. 
+1 for Alden. Much more versatile for me as well. 
The latter. A single/double sole does not necessarily need to be oil soaked. 
The only one I recall (besides Frans Boone) was the BB's version. 
These must be unlined PTBs for Brooks Brothers, since mine look the exact same way. 
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