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Brand new in box. Retail is UK 250 or about $450 in the US.  Outsole is 12 1/4 in length and 4 1/4 in width. 
   It's pretty obvious he was returning to the SkyVallet in DC. The boots you were referring to are out of stock though. 
SkyValet is a legitimate store in Washington DC. You can call them and chat whether they could ship them to Holland. 
I go with the same size (TTS-1/2 size). In the Barrie boots I tend to go TTS.  
Hard to say with certainty, but Horween does make vegetable-tanned leathers, such as Essex and Dublin. See the full list here. 
These turned out pretty great. 
I have one in Earth chamois. It's a perfect beater boot. Keep in mind it runs a bit small and I would go TTS. 
Check whether they have firsts in your size. I snagged a pair of first quality snuff Amoks for just 10 dollars more. 
I am pretty sure it's women's line only. 
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