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Can you post measurements please?
From my wedding: KW navy suit, Luxire shirt, KW grenadine tie, Gant floral pocket square, Carmina shoes.
Yeah... was hoping for size 7 as well... 
What fabric is this yywwyy?
Just received refund for the express shipping. Thank you very much Kent
Thanks for the clarification, Kent.   I still find it a bit unfair though to charge for expedited shipping when delivery is over 30% late.
Just adding my recent experience here: I guess I was lucky and my suit came out perfect. I got measured at the beginning of December at the NY pop up store. Good experience overall, and Aaron was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was also told 4 weeks and unfortunately it took 6 weeks or so to get the suit (and I did pay the extra 34 for expedite shipping, which I find a bit outrageous but I didn't have the time/energy to complain over email). Luckily every request about...
Same here, had 3 shirts with the wrong collar size. Not worth sending them back to India I'll use them without tie. For now I'm ordering from other MTM places. Will maybe try again in the future, but it looks like their adherence to your input measurements is becoming a problem. Their prices and fabrics are really good though, and the fact that they offer unfused collar is pretty cool for the price.
         yep attached
I did and the reply I got was that I'd still have to pay fr the shipping, althoguh from the pics you can clearly see the mistake!
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