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This article gives a great summary for this year's Big 4 starting salaries- both in audit and tax:
wow awesome advice guys thanks so much! I'm definitely going to keep all of these tips in my mind when i go to start   the busy season recruiting lie comment was funny- I was told that it'd be january-june, but i can definitely understand it being more than just that if a certain project needs to get finished or whatever   i also can understanding being a first year and having to do the shit jobs- i'm obviously the lowest ranking member, so if i won't do the job,...
can't help you with your situation, but this does interest me as I'm waiting to hear back about UTC's leadership program. Definitely seems like a cool experience, completing rotations at four different business units over the course of 2 years
Hey guys,   First post here but I've been lurking on and off for a few years now. I'm a college student and in the fall semester of my senior year. I just got a full-time offer as an audit staff (accounting major) at one of the larger firms in CT- not big four but big enough for me. I'd just like some insight from some of you guys that work in accounting (preferably on the audit side vs. tax obviously) to give me some insight on what to expect day-to-day and the...
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