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I have a pair of classic Ferragamo leather penny loafers for sale.  Goodyear construction and made in Italy. Like New condition, I have only worn 3 times.  They are too small for me.  Comes with shoe bags and box.  Shoe trees not included trees.  Color and style are classic and the last has a nice shape.  I have installed toppers.  No wear to heel.     Size is in 9.5 EE, but Ferragamos fit narrow, so I'd say these fit like a standard 9.5.   Asking $190 USD + shipping
arggg… my eyes….all those naked women……it's horrible….  (reaches for the scotch)
 Exactly my feelings.  But if you are in Europe the shirts can be had for 25 Euros at the outlets including the thomas mason ones, which makes them very good for the price.  At regular price, they are not worth it.  
  If you are going to FU, then you're not out to impress anyone, it's all about you.  5 mins is plenty
I know I'm going to get stoned for this, but I find it kind of boring to see page after page of Rolex, Speedys, and Pannys.  I know that's what the majority of you buy, and you all have your own reasons for it, but where's the uniqueness?  I guess it's an extension of the SF groupthink.  Kind of like AE shoes.   Don't get me wrong.  I can appreciate that they are nice watches, but after seeing the 379th Blue Submariner, it starts to loose the specialness.  
  No kidding.  I have a summer Jil Sander suit from their 'Tailor Made' line which is 50/50 cotton/poly.  Still a great suit.  
Let's not get carried away.  I just bought one from their Brussels store, and the wool is still Guabello wool and it was 299 Euros.  I'll reserve judgement until I can see most of the F/W line in person, and examine the materials tag.
Guy Laroche is made in China.  And it is not Canvassed.  Yes that is a button hole on the lapel.  It's a really nice suit for $50.
I have for sale a Louis Vuitton Black Epi leather wallet in very good condition.  Shows like new.  No wear to the leather nor the fold areas.  Pics show the condition.  Asking $175 >>> DROP to $150.  Shipping is from the EU and is $11 and up.  Check out my other ads too.                
New Posts  All Forums: