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 thanks, if anyone knows the product name that'd be great, gonna keep my eye out on ebay, etc.
What color? Fit pics?   Mine should be here tomorrow or Friday :)
It's getting to be that time soon ;)   Anyone know what boots this guy is wearing or something that looks similar?  
Where should I be looking for collarless popover shirts like this?     I picked up the above and a mainline Margaret Howell shirt secondhand from Japan recently but miscalculated on the sizing. I'd buy Howell stuff in the Western hemisphere but can't afford full price (at least for mainline) and used seems hard to come by here.   Looking for cotton or linen, for spring/summer/early fall. I'm into boxier cuts too.
bah i'd been eyeing that lucio sweater for the past week or so. shouldn't have slept.   whoever bought it post a fit pic, i'm curious to see how his stuff looks in non-lookbook situations
hey you guys geller x cp is up on ssense:   https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/designers/robert-geller   ;)
Garment dye bomber preorders are in at NMWA!   If anyone ordered the garment dye in 48/Grey and wants to swap for a 48/Magenta, let me know. (last time i'll pollute the thread asking)
Geller garment dye bombers have arrived!    Last ditch check in this thread - if anyone ordered the garment dye in 48/Grey and wants to swap for my 48/Magenta, hit me up.
 Haha, does this actually work? I was going to sell mine but I might try this. Really a shame because there's a ton of affordable second-hand/marked down mainline/MHL stuff in Japan that you'd just never find in NA/Europe.
 For example: http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r154346905   Picked up a mainline shirt off Yahoo auctions the other week and unfortunately the sleeves are about an inch too short - beautiful shirt otherwise. The measurements on the listing were accurate so I should've known beforehand but I took a risk and hoped they measured wrong because the price was good. So it would seem to me at least that the Japan line has shorter sleeves.
New Posts  All Forums: