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Been using ZenMarket without issue for the past little while but got burned recently because of turnaround times purchasing an item on Rakuten. It's really fair, seems to be 12-24 hours, but simply not fast enough to snipe those hot items.   I haven't used FromJapan in awhile, can anyone remind me whether their processing times are any better?
Is the turtleneck Lemaire? Been looking for a cream/off-white one.
  Anyone remember whether these hoods were removable (and not just the lining)?
@flowcharts nice look. what shoes are those?
 http://www.styleforum.net/t/211800/winter-boots-that-arent-ugly I've yet to find a satisfactory answer. Probably just gonna go with Sorels tbh - every year I forget how destructive Canadian winters can be. 
  If ever anyone wants to unload a collarless wool overshirt in 48 (blue/black/grey) let me know.   I know there's a 46 on gr@iled right now but I think it'd be too tight.
  http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/581916007775/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en   Lemaire for those with smaller feet
Thanks for the recs all.   @nicelynice do you know if Honor Gathering is cut for the JP market, ie. shorter sleeves? I've seen you post about them before, wondering if I should size up on shirts to get more of a tunic effect? The P2P on the shirts I'm looking at seems pretty slim...
How can I get my Lemaire on without going Lemaire? A lot of the older season stuff I'm after is hard to come by second hand.         So far I've been keeping an eye on Margaret Howell, Comoli, Yaeca, Yantor, Trove, Auguste Presentation, A Vontade, Edwina Horl, Digawel - who else should be on my radar?
On that note - Toronto/Vancouver people, what's the deal with Oak + Fort? It looks like a blatant Lemaire knock-off and at those prices I can only imagine how fast the clothes fall apart - what's the verdict? Worth it for basics? Do they have the occasional standout piece? Some of the cuts on the jackets look nice but I'm wondering if they're Zara level or are actually hidden gems.   ie.  
New Posts  All Forums: