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i've seen the name before in my rakuten/yahoo searches but have yet to really check it out, thanks for the tip @nicelynice 
looking to build a casual summer "suit"/uniform   really love this look:         unfortunately the qlomaire jacket is from ss16 and no longer available but I'd love to find something similar with big patch pockets (there's a current uniqlo u iteration but it's a bit different). seersucker or linen would be ideal. black preferably.   any brand recommendations? i've looked at a few japanese brands and feel like i'm in the ballpark but unfortunately with some of...
So is anyone bothering with Uniqlo U tonight? At a loss for what to get, if anything. As usual, the women's stuff is miles ahead of the men's. Wish there were more photos out there.
Torn between the bomber in textured black or textured green   @SuspensionPoint Would you recommend sizing up on the bomber? Is it like the Thinner? Last year I tried on the Thinner in 5 and it fit perfectly even though I'm normally a 4 in Schneider outerwear. I believe you might've even recommended sizing up.   Also I think your checkout might be bugged, it seems to be applying a further 20% discount the amount that has already had a 20% discount applied?
Dang - too late?
if anyone knows where I can get the black seersucker blazer in medium from the Lemaire/Uniqlo SS16 collection, let me know, regret not taking a closer look at that collection. been watching ebay/grailed without any luck. the seersucker jackets in the upcoming U collection don't have the same details
Just wanted to say that Vestiaire Collective sucks. Bought something a few weeks ago, seller never shipped the item to them, seller never answered any of their e-mails, seller is clearly never going to ship the item or acknowledge the sale, and yet I have to wait 30 days from the date of purchase before they begin processing my refund.
      Anyone know what pants these are? Looks like a one-pleat suit pant but I didn't notice this color on sale anywhere (unless it looks different from photo to photo).
Digging the deep v-neck popover and the utility vest.  
If anyone wants to proxy for a Montrealer, holla. I'm a 48 and would be interested in knowing what's left in that size/price.
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