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Any chance for a fit pic? Been looking for an affordable Lemaire-ish band-collar.
Looking to order something from Uniqlo Australia and need someone in Australia to ship it to me in Canada.   Let me know if you could offer this kind of service for a reasonable fee.
Pretty sure a US small = JPN medium (ie. one up for every size) Someone correct me if I'm wrong   Edit: Well I just compared sizing on the flannel shirts and it seems like the overall length and sleeve length are a couple of centimeters shorter on JPN sizing. Never realized that. Kind of ruins my plan to proxy certain items from Japan.    @OccultaVexillum did you go true to size on the soft twill shirts you picked up in Australia? Your photos made them look not too...
  Think about it
anyone know if/when these shirts will be available in other countries?   http://www.uniqlo.com/au/store/soft-twill-shirt-1740760012.html
@OccultaVexillum what season is that Uniqlo shirt from? The texture looks kinda cool at a distance. Didn't know they ever had collarless/grandad shirts outside of the Lemaire collab.
Need a rec for US/UK to Canada proxy. I've used Borderlinx in the past but the costs are outrageous - am I just out of luck and this is the case across the board? Are there any proxy services that use national post services as opposed to DHL/UPS? "Predetermined" duties make up a big chunk of the cost.
getting annoyed with lowballers on grailed.  if anyone wants my bomber for $440 shipped let me know, would rather avoid the grailed/ebay fees and have it go to an SFer. that's 30% off retail, pretty good deal i think
Are these the grey pair that are on KNYEW? Their product shots make them look almost tan/brown.
really dig the cut on the Luca pants
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