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Hey guys,   Picked up this jacket. It fits like a women's piece. Tag only reads "Rei Kawakubo." Is that a CdG line? Fake? Didn't know there was a line under her name.       There are no care tags or anything else. Seems like they were removed/came off.
. wrong thread, sorry
Started buying my first COS items recently and pleasantly surprised by this season.  Seems to be a bit of a Lemaire influence?    Picked up some relaxed pleated trousers for summer and a couple of nice muted color t-shirts. Also saw some collarless shirts (look similar to the UniqloxLemaire ones) and a long boucle cardigan that looked appealing.   We'll see about the quality in the long run. Still feel the prices could be a tad cheaper for what it is but maybe I'm off...
 For a second I thought this was a Rais WAYWT pic.
@Slim Charles details on pants and shoes?
Yes to the bomber. No to the barracuda.
@conceptual 4est  Not the sunglasses in your latest fit, which are dope, but what are the prescription glasses you're wearing in other photos? Are they Randolph P3s?
Not buying something played out and overrated? 
Anyone have measurements on the collarless shirts? Couldn't find them on the Uniqlo JP website.
Looks like someone on the Geller team heard you guys asking for a list of stockists :)   http://www.robertgeller-ny.com/stockists/
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