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Worn once to try on. Stored in my closet. Like-new condition.   The coat is black in color and features a wool shawl collar, hem, and cuff. The jacket is insulated and would hold up for a cold winter. This should work easily for a 46-48.   Pit to Pit: 21" (keep in mind its insulated and a bit thicker) Shoulder to Shoulder: 17.5-75" Shoulder to Sleeve: 25" Length from bottom of collar to hem (back): 27"    $300 USD + shipping
If anyone has a lead on a Tarmac bomber in 48 hit me up. I know Bachanel has one for sale, not sure if I want to pay more just because it has Geller's signature on it though...
Does Uniqlo Japan take international credit cards? That's the main problem with the U.S. site.
Anyone else carrying the flannel-looking Double Dark overshirt that Neighbour has?   They're sold out of IV. Was debating whether to get the V and wear it like a fall shirtjacket of sorts but don't know if it'll be thick enough to pull that look off.
 what a troll ;)
  Like these pants. What's the shirt?
Gant by Michael Bastian  Summer 2011  SIZE S  Slim Fit   Worn once.   Neck 15 Chest 20" Sleeve 26" Length from BOC 28"   Cotton Machine wash Made in India   $35 + shipping
Can't wait for the Lemaire collab.   How quickly did the Jil collab sell out online?   Also, anyone have a reliable proxy for Canada? Borderlinx?    And if I use a proxy, can I use a prepaid/gift credit card to circumvent the need for a US credit card?
RE: Uniqlo   I assume sizing info will only go up at launch?
Notre lists Counting Trousers (Ocean) Size IV as 15.5' waist and 34" inseam. Neighbour lists them as 16.5" and 34.5".   Which is the real measurement?  
New Posts  All Forums: