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digging lifewear fw16  
Anywhere left to get the Uniqlo/Lemaire cotton parka from this past season? If not, is there anything similar in Uniqlo mainline? 
I picked up the SS16 adjacent jumper on sale from OC a few weeks ago and it's great - everyone slept on that piece. If there are any left from the NMWA sale someone needs to kop.   Did WT say why? Poor sales? I'm glad they carried Schneider but their buys/their concept always kind of drove me insane.
This site was doing them, doesn't seem to be anything for SS17   http://www.precouture.com/en/designer/308-robert-geller   I'm very surprised to hear there wasn't much interest in the FW16 preorders. From what I've seen so far it's shaping up to be my favorite Geller collection yet. Color options and #brickbombergang jealousy are what motivated me.   (I know this is coming from the guy who's looking to hand off his bomber pre-order but still...)
  If anyone ever gets a line on this FW13 coat in 4 or 5 let me know. Feji had one for sale a few years back. Have never seen it since.
anywhere else besides ssense, nmwa, notre and browns? i know it's in-store in a few places (ie other shop) but they don't have it online yet
Dusters are sold out across the board now AFAIK.   If anyone picked up the 48 from NMWA and it doesn't work out, give me a shout.
 Really? I ordered the Resin too but didn't get an e-mail from them. 
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