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Can someone please reply to my questions? Thank you
Hello, Has anyone every bought Ninja sox? How low do they go? cCan you seen them with shoes?I do not like the ones that  bundle on your heal. Do any of  you have pictures of them?
How aer the Falke no show socks/Loafer socks?
Where can i buy no show socks or loafer socks that you cannot see when wearing running shoes? All the ones i have are 2-3 inches above shoe?
Has anyone ever worn Brooks Brothers  OTC socks? If so what kind? Are they worth buying? How much do they usually run in price?
What kind of socks do you wear with suits?
What kind of socks do you like to wear? Are they mid calf or Over the calf?
I like your argyle socks! Where do you buy yours?  How close to the knees do they go?
Hello! I just bought some Jos a Bank OTC socks. Do any of you wear those? How do they feel and work for you? Do they reach close to knees?
What kind of no show socks do you wear? Mine go 2-3 inches above shoe line and i can't find any that go under that. Have any ideas?
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