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Gentle bump... anyone?
Hello everyone,   I've been eyeing an opportunity to get me a practical briefcase that's also stylish and fits both professional and casual settings. My aim of making this post is to know:   Based on the title of this post, what's the first briefcase that comes to your mind?   Additionally, did any of you try the luxury briefcase by Pad and Quill? It does look like it'd fit the bill, but not sure if their product quality is good.   Thanks!
Hi everyone!   I'm fresh off an MBA and going into a B2B sales role in a tech firm. As a sales person, I'll be facing clients all the time hence will need to pay special attention to my attire and my carry, but at the same time as a fresh grad (albeit 30 years old) I don't want to appear over the top (hence my pref. not to go for SAB).   I've been looking at other briefcases and I kind of like the style of Killspencer. In particular, those two bags: Briefcase...
Hello everyone,   Upon exhaustive search for a briefcase, I'm finally settling for a Swaine Adeney Brigg briefcase, and I'm coming to all you gents for advice and direction.   The bag: I don't like the top frame mode, and the straps seem cumbersome for opening and closing all the time (any input on that?), hence I'm currently eyeing the fold-over version. Would the Westminster 2 be the ideal option? especially for business/corporate environments, or do you...
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