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Does anyone do this for the colder days?   Anyone find that the long sleeve shirt makes it difficult to button the sleeves for the button down?
How about for business trips?
Once for even those casual work shirts?! How do you people pack for business trips and vacations? Your suitcase must be full of dress shirts. Literally one for everyday!
Ok, Im guessing wearing once refers to dressy shirts that you wear a tie and tuck into your pants with.   The question I have is how many times do you wear normal button up shirts before washing.  You know the kind that isn't meant to be tucked in usually worn casually with thicker material.
What is wrong with white socks though? The shoes are still sneakers
All black sneakers with light blue or dark blue jeans or even black jeans. Can you wear white socks or would black be better?
Does anyone know the differences between Thavar, Thanaz and Shioner?
For anyone who is familiar with both these brands and all their cuts...   I absolutely love the Levis 513 Slim cut and recently noticed how nice the Diesel jeans washes are and was wanting to get a pair.  Curious as to which Diesel cut would be the most similar to the 513's   For Levis 511 are Skinnies and 513 are slim and 514 are slim straight.  I know Diesel has so many more cuts in between and they also have these carrot and tapered cuts as well.
Why would anyone buy pajama pants when you can just get a pair of sweatpants to lounge and sleep in?!?
The most comfortable would be black sweatpants lol
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