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I came here looking to see if anyone was talking about this. "Private Equity Firm Brentwood Associates Agrees to Acquire Allen Edmonds"
Didn't realize the McAllister came in Bourbon. Sounds like a great deal if that is in fact the case. No such luck for me today, I keep getting golf shoes and dial tones...
Nice.  Good call on the Strands in Walnut.
Thanks clarksdb, you are correct.  However, mine never looked quite as "natural" as they do on the website, expect a more tan like color.
I'd spend a bit more time contemplating the McTavish in tan if I were you, it's my favorite shoe.  I have the Neumok in Green and it just isn't the shoe the McTavish is.  If I could own only two shoes they'd be the McTavish tan and the walnut Strand.
Here's the shoe with gash: [/quote] I just went and checked my green Neumoks that I received in September from, no gashes. But, I did wait a month for those things after ordering.
Mary-They look like the lines on the McAllister to me, maybe the Merlot?
Hello fellow AE fans.  I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster.  I have a few pairs of AE's, mostly from the casual collection,   Elgin 11 D McTavish Tan 11 D Neumok Green 11 E Aberdeen Tan 11.5 E Black Hills 11.5 E         I'm a therapist at a VA Clinic and work with Veterans who are often struggling financially, so I try to dress accordingly.  Even so, I like to express my love for shoes. I often feel overdressed compared to even my coworkers,...
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