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Any answers for my question?
For the past few months, I had been on the Nizoral+Conditioner Routine. Now, after the first 6-8 weeks perscribed on the Nizoral Bottle, my dandruff is mostly gone, although not as completely as I'd like   Two questions   Should I use some new hair product? If so, should it be in combination with the Nizoral?   Is there a way to almost completely get rid of the dandruff?
Hey guys, been lurking around for a bit in the S&D section when I found this thread.   So, in short, I"m an asian teenage male, and like most, I have dandruff. Until around a few months ago, I didn't care much about how I looked and didn't use conditioner or any shampoo. As a result, I've scratched off a good deal of hair. However, in recent months, I've started using a dandruff shampoo (head and shoulders http://tinyurl.com/cbocr52, which is sulfate based I've found...
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